memoQ academy Terms of Service 


memoQ academy is an e-learning service provided by memoQ Zrt., based in Budapest, Hungary. The e-learning courses available through memoQ academy deal generally with the memoQ translation management system and its related products and services, but may cover other language-related topics, such as translation, localization, the business aspects of language services, etc. 


When you sign up for one or more courses through the memoQ academy, this is a contract between you (’you’) and memoQ Zrt. (’memoQ’, ’we’, ’us’). 


Our details are the following: 

memoQ Zrt. 

Address: Rákóczi út 70-72. Budapest, 1074, Hungary (EU) 

Contact: [email protected] 


memoQ academy provides e-learning courses through the Thinkific platform. To enroll in the courses, you must also agree to the Thinkific Terms of Service.


When you sign up for one or more courses, we collect your details. We also keep a record of your progress and quiz or test answers and results within the e-learning courses. To learn what data we collect and what we do with them, check our Privacy Policy. 


Before you enroll and go through memoQ academy courses, you need to agree to the terms below: 


1. memoQ decides what courses to offer — the e-learning contents are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis. We may change or remove courses without prior notice. 

2. No warranty: We make every effort to make the e-learning courses as technically accurate as possible. However, errors and/or omissions may occur. If we receive feedback regarding any such errors and/or omissions, we will make reasonable effort to correct them, but otherwise we do not assume any material liability for the accuracy of the memoQ academy contents. 

3. Courses are memoQ’s intellectual property: we do warrant that we either own all course content, or that we have obtained all necessary rights and permissions to provide them to you. If a third party makes a claim that we or you infringed their intellectual property, we will indemnify you, that is, defend your interest (and our own). However, because of this, you are also not allowed to copy or re-publish the e-learning materials without our prior written consent. In addition, you must not use, re-use or broadcast the memoQ academy contents to conduct training courses of your own. 

Note: To do the latter, first you must become a certified memoQ trainer (contact memoQ to do that) and develop your own materials. 

4. Prices and payments: We may offer some courses for free and other courses for a price. It is entirely up to memoQ to determine which courses become paid and what prices are charged for them. Further details are still to be determined. 

5. No license: The e-learning courses do not give you a license or a subscription to any memoQ product that they may be about. If you wish to obtain memoQ product licenses or subscriptions to improve your e-learning experience (through practice), please contact memoQ separately. 

6. No recognition or guaranteed employment: memoQ academy is not an official or accredited educational organization, which means that certificates, attestations, or similar issued by memoQ or memoQ academy at the end of an e-learning course, module, lesson, etc. are not officially recognized outside of memoQ. In addition, not all such certificates and/or attestations may automatically prove your expertise with memoQ products. We do not facilitate your employment and do not broker any relationships with your clients or prospective clients. 

7. Support: If you need help using the e-learning materials, please write to [email protected]. We will answer and assist you in due course, but kindly note that memoQ’s general terms of service do not apply to memoQ academy, so you cannot expect the same level of service as with the memoQ products themselves.